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Easy to implement, affordable, adopt the new Engarde solutions for your small and big competitions.
View the results of the matches as soon as they are finished, on screens and on the internet, by entering scores on smartphones with EngardeAssistant.

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Update 10.242 of October 31, 2021

Formulas: addition of repechage from 32 or 16, the winner of the repechage being 9th or 5th.
Poules in team competitions on one or several pistes. Referee allocation: addition of "by 1/2" and "by 1/8".
DiapoEngarde: Possibility to display the details of a match in team poules.
ShowPiste: Possibility to display the clubs instead of the nations.
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Engarde was used at the 2019 World Championships in Budapest.
Engarde in action: Westend GP in Budapest, World Cups in Barcelona and Dourdan

Competition management

Engarde allow the management of your fencing competition. It manages the formula, creates the poules, the tableaux and the rankings.

It includes advanced functions to allocate referees automatically.

Engarde is the heart of a connected competition, whether by connecting it to the apparatuses or by entering results with Engarde Smart, Easy to implement, affordable, the new Engarde solutions put the information of your competition within everyone's reach.

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Display software

With DiapoEngarde display the general information and the team bouts. Exclusively, display of a temporary ranking with the poules results.

With ShowPiste display pistes with the fencers' photo, and next match information.

With EngardeSwitch switch between different displays of DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste.

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Online results

With engarde-service.com, publish directly from Engarde all your results to the Internet. Create an account on engarde-service.com, create your competitions and that's it.

Engarde Smart enables entering and viewing the results on your smartphone. Referees and fencers can get custom data directly.

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Engarde Users

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A team at your service

With a strong international experience , the Engarde team is available to manage or monitor your competitions.

Partner teams

We are building a team approval program for the teams who have a solid knowledge of Engarde and a good experience of the management of fencing competitions