Functionalities of the 3 versions of Engarde

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Functions Mini Basic Pro
Limitation to 40 fencers and 8 teams    
Creation of competitions from XML files  
Importing XML, FFF, texts files  
Creation, modification of poules, report, entry of the poules
Poule sheets
Creation of tableaux, report, entry of the matches
Match sheets
Ranking calculation
Advanced allocation of the referees  
Display of banners    
Exporting XML, FFF, texts files  
Production of HTML files  
Automatically sending files on the Web and to Engarde Smart  
IP or serial connection with piste apparatuses    
Connection with display software DiapoEngarde (client-server) et ShowPiste    
Permanent copy of the competition    
FIE mode with document versions, backtrack control    
FIE statistics    
Match sheets with video-refereeing    
Global document including all the documents    
Working with Engarde Smart entries  
Engarde Auxilary mode    
Connection to the display program DiapoEngarde by Internet or by files