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Main configurations for Tableau of 32

EngardePro, Diaporama and Showpiste allow you to create an accurate information and display system.

Software requirement:

  • Diaporama allows you to display on screens, the tableau with schedules and names of the fencer for each quarter of tableau.
  • Showpiste allows you to display score for each piste, with name of the fencers, light, cards, priority...
  • For a complete final display you will need: 8 "Engarde Pro 5 days" licences, 4 for Diaporama, 4 for Showpiste and 1 EngardePro licence.

Technical and hardware requirement:

  • All computers must be on the same Local Area Network.
  • For the best performances, each piste device must be connected to the computer with engardePro. (serial or IP connection depending of piste device)
  • You need 9 computers.
  • 8 display devices (plasma screens, projectors...)