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Engarde has 4 modes: Basic, PRO, FIE and Mini

There is single Engarde software which runs different ways according to the license which is used.

Engarde Basic

Engarde runs in the Basic mode when the computer has a valid "EngardeBasic" license.
Use Engarde Basic to manage regional and national competitions when there is neither display on screens nor connection with piste apparatus.

Engarde PRO

Engarde runs in the PRO mode when the computer has a valid "EngardePro" license.
Use Engarde PRO to manage all sorts of competitions, it has more functionalities than Engarde Basic.
Engarde PRO is mandatory for managing competitions when there is display on screens or connection with piste apparatus, and for managing FIE competitions.

Engarde FIE

Engarde FIE is a sub-mode of Engarde PRO. Engarde runs in the FIE mode when the computer has a valid "EngardePro" license and when the FIE mode has been selected.

    Engarde PRO in the FIE mode is approved by FIE   Approval certificate >>>

Use Engarde PRO for FIE competitions because it fulfills the FIE specifications with:  

Engarde Mini

Engarde runs in the Mini mode when there is no valid license ("EngardePro" or "EngardeBasic") on the computer.
Engarde Mini is a free mode provided to the community. It is limited to 40 fencers and 8 teams.

Features table

Functionalities >>>


Ordinary licenses of Engarde Basic, PRO, FIE and Mini are reserved to non commercial usages. For commercial usages, please contact us to get a "Company" license.
Only the Engarde team is allowed to manage World Championships and continental Championships with Engarde.

Engarde runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.