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DiapoEngarde is the program for displaying fencing competition results on plasma screens or other screens, competitions being managed with Engarde.
With DiapoEngarde you can display:
  • Lists of fencers, rankings.
  • Hours and pists of the assault for the poules and the tableaux.
  • Poules and Tableaux with the results already got.
  • Results of ongoing poules and tableaux if the pistes are connected.
  • Details of the team bouts if the pistes are connected.
New! DiapoEngarde has a customizable script system to define automatic sequences of different possible displays.
DiapoEngarde allow to avoid paper for displaying by choosing smartly the location of the screens and thus avoiding a mass gathering of fencers on a single place.

▲ Lists of fencers with display of the hours and pistes.

▲ Lists of referees with display of the hours and pistes.

▲ Displays of poules, with provisional ranking.

▲ Poule. Fencers and scores of the ongoing match are green. Fencers of the next match are red.

▲ Display of a tableau, with provisional ranking.

▲ Tableau. Scores of the ongoing match are yellow.

DiapoEngarde displays an image of the computer screen; this image has to be transferred on the target screen, plasma or of another kind, (it can be sent to several screens which then display the same image).

DiapoEngarde runs in two modes:
  • In the evaluation (eval) mode, which is a free mode and allows seeing how the program functions; in this mode, the size of the display window is small and the duration of diaporama is limited.
  • The PRO mode which is a paid mode and does not have the above limitations.

DiapoEngarde runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10.


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