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  • When does a license start and end?
    For the EngardePro and EngardeBasic, the starting date is the purchase date of the license, it ends after the duration of the license starting from the purchase date.
    For the Display licenses, the starting date is choosen at the installation of the Display key (see Installation of a key)
  • How to backup my license key?
    Once the key installed, a mycode.cle file is created in the Ressources1/Cles/ directory of Engarde.
    Just copy this file and store it safely. To reinstall the licenses after a problem with your computer, just paste the file in the new Ressources1/Cles/ directory of Engarde.
  • Can I use an EngardePro License to run DiapoEngarde or ShowPiste?
    Yes, the Engarde Pro licenses grants the choice between Engarde, DiapoEngarde or ShowPiste for each start. A single license allows one single launch of Engarde, DiapoEngarde or ShowPiste.

Competition Formulas

  • What formulas are proposed?
    When you start a competition, by selecting "Formula" you get a first list of available formulas. These are the most frequent formulas:
    • Classic formula with or without the match for the 3rd place
    • Formula with incomplete tableau
    • Formula for World Cup - Senior
    • Formula for World Cup - Junior
    • Other, an other formula that can be defined using the functions of the "Formula" window
  • Can I add a repechage?
    Yes in the "Formula" window, click on "Load a formula", then choose load a fomula in english, in the list you can choose a formula with repechage
  • The formula that I plan is not in the list of available formulas what can I do?
    You can edit your own formula, please contact us in this case so we can support you

Referee Allocation

  • Can I allocate referees by quarter or half of the tableau?
    Yes you can easily choose the allocation by quarter or half of a tableau. You can also allocate a referee on several quarters if needed
  • What is the difference between "yes" or "if possible" options?
    The "yes" option is more restrictive for Engarde. So it is better when there is no strict constraint to choose "if possible"

Piste apparatuses connection

  • What apparatus do work with Engarde ?
    Most of the current apparatuses work well with Engarde (ALLSTAR,Favero,Marciano) using an ethernet connection ethernet with the Cyrano protocol or with a serial connection