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Discover Engarde

Key features of Engarde :

  • Management of competition formulae, individual competitions, teams and mixed teams, wheelchair competitions.
  • Management of participants.
  • Automatic creation of poules, direct view of poules and résults.
  • Automatic creation of tableaux, direct view of all the tableaux.
  • Advanced management of referees, automatic allocation with adjustable parameters
  • Communication with the pistes apparatuses.
  • Publishing results on the Internet

Performance and efficiency

Tabs based ergonomics

Move quickly from a window to another. Display only the windows you need :

Overview of the competition

At every moment you are aware of the progress of the competition, poules and tableaux.
You can edit by a single clic to enter the result :

Integrated search function

Find quickly the matches of a fencer or a referee from the first three letters of her name :

Download Engarde and manage your first demo competition Your first competition step by step

Engarde licenses range

Engarde can be used under different licenses : Engarde Mini (free), Engarde Basic and Engarde Pro.
These différent licenses are adapted to the size of your competitions and your needs, from the friendly competition to international championships.

Engarde Basic Engarde Pro Comparison of the licenses