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Software DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste to display results and information in the rooms

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28th August 2015 - New version of Engarde: 9.63

  • Team matches in poules : print bout sheets for team matches in poules and enter the details of the bouts for team matches in poules.
  • Substitutions in team matches in poules and tableaux compliant with new FIE rules : When a substitute was used in a team, he can leave his place later to the holder.
  • Strengthening the research of potential duplicated clubs.

31st March 2015 - New version of Engarde: 9.62

  • Correction of a bug in the Advanced allocation of referees (loss referees on matches that did not have time when we asked again for "advanced referees").
  • "different affiliation between referees" is checked by default when you launch "Advanced referees."
  • In teams, after an end of match with the piste apparatus, if "previous" is made, Engarde returns to the round where we were. If one makes another "previous" and if the score is not changed, Engarde returns to the round before.
  • Details of team matches were added to HTML files. You must click on the scores for getting it.
  • HTML files style sheets have been updated.

If you already have version 9.5x or 9.6 of Engarde on the computer, update to version 9.62. In the other cases, see the "Installation" page.

Save time in your competitions thanks to the modules of Engarde for the allocation of hours, pistes and referees.

Try Engarde freely with the menu: New competition / Evaluation competition

See all improvements in the version history

Engarde Basic

A low cost version of Engarde for individual and team competitions :
  • Manage fencers, referees, poules, tableaux
  • Advanced allocation of referees in poules and tableaux
  • Import/export XML and text files
  • Files to be deployed on the web manually
  • Caption of the results of a competition on several networked computers

Engarde Basic screenshot

Engarde PRO

The most powerful version of Engarde, with :
  • All the management of fencers, referees, poules, tableaux
  • Connection with display software applications DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste
  • Automatic deployment of files to the web
  • Advanced allocation of referees by 1/4 in tableaux
  • Connection to the piste apparatuses to receive automatically the scores
  • The FIE mode to manage the competitions of the FIE

Engarde PRO screenshot

Engarde FIE

Engarde FIE is not a software application but a mode of Engarde PRO. Engarde PRO is approved by the FIE when running in this mode.
This mode is mandatory for the competition of the FIE.
  • Numbers and versions of document
  • Automatic allocation of referees according to the new rules in 2011
  • Backtrack controls
  • Special operation history
  • Statistics, Technical Directory

Engarde FIE screenshot

Add visual information to your competitions

Display has become an unavoidable part of big competitions, for the participants, the public and the organizers: Find easily the information needed by the fencers and their staff

  • Better follow up of the assaults on the pistes
  • Better follow up of the progress of the competition
  • Find easily the information needed by the fencers and their staff
  • Allow your organizing team to follow up and manage the competition better

Capture d'écran DiapoEngarde

With DiapoEngarde

Do not miss anything of the ongoing competition
Display on large screen, in the competition site:
- Scrolling poules or a fix poule with evolving scores.
- Scrolling tableaux or a fix part of a tableau with evolving scores.
- Lists of fencers, rankings.
- DiapoEngarde displays flags.
- Scripts that enable displaying of automatic display sequences

Capture d'écran ShowPiste

With ShowPiste

Follow up the assaults with fervor by displaying the state of the piste on big screens
(names, nations, flags, scores, lamps, stopwatch,cards):
  • Using serial or Ethernet connection between the piste apparatus and Engarde PRO.
  • Or by making a manual input with Engarde PRO.


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