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Update of Engarde 10

Last version : Engarde 10.1 of August 24, 2018

A lot of new features, see the History of versions.

If you have not already installed Engarde 10, make an installation Install

To update Engarde 10:

  1. Download the update Engarde Update
  2. Unzip the archive and place the applications in SystemeEngarde10. Applications do not replace previous ones because their names contain the version number.
  3. Launch the Engarde10xx.exe application that was in the archive to update the data files and to create the “Old-applications” directory if it does not already exist
  4. Move the old applications to the “Old-applications” directory. Move also the Engarde9.71 and DiapoEngarde9.71 applications to the “Old-applications” directory.

More info here .