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Update towards Engarde 9.646

If you already have version 9.5x or 9.6x of Engarde on the computer, this page indicates how to do an update to version 9.646 In the other cases, see the "Installation" page.

The applications of the update are signed by ARISTOD. ARISTOD is a company associated to ANPV-log.

Read the licence contrast Download the update of Engarde 9

How to update:
  1. Place the uploaded file SystemeEngarde_9.646.zip in the ENGARDE9 directory.
  2. Quit the Engarde software if it is running.
  3. Unzip the uploaded file at this place.
    • First case: you get a directory SystemeEngarde_9.646 containing a directory SystemeEngarde9.646
      move the deeper directory to put it next to the other one then delete the SystemeEngarde_9.646 directory (which is empty)
    • Second case: you get a directory SystemeEngarde9.646 containing the applications, there is nothing to do furthermore
  4. Launch the Engarde.exe of the directory SystemeEngarde9.646; it makes a copy of some files and then is ready to run in the same context as the previous one.
  5. Delete the uploaded file SystemeEngarde_9.646.zip
  6. Move the old version (directory SystemeEngarde9.5x or SystemeEngarde9.6x) in another place to avoid confusion with the new one.

Engarde runs even if you keep the structure with the directory SystemeEngarde_9.646 containing the directory SystemeEngarde9.646