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Installing a license

Common use


Special use with license distribution

It is possible to have a license "EngardePro" and licenses "Display" or several licenses "EngardePro" on a computer. In this case, the Engarde application on this computer can distribute licenses for Engarde, DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste to other computer on the local network. On these computers, you have to do "Mode | Set PRO Mode" to ask for a license.


Key table

The "Keys | See the keys" menu allows to see the keys installed on the computer with their status (valid, outdated, bad key).


It is important to have a correct date and time on the computer. In the case of an incorrect date, licenses can stop functioning. The "Keys | See the keys" menu allows to see the reference date of Engarde. Normally, it is identical to the computer date. When this is not the case, a change of the date has been done on the computer. In that case, it is recommended to set the correct date on the computer and to perform a synchronization (menu of the window of the keys) to have a verification of the date on the Web.

The licenses are placed in keys which are automatically installed on the computer with the menu "Keys | Install a key". A key contains the MAC numbers of the computer on which "Keys | Install a key" has been performed; it cannot be moved to another computer except with the license distribution mechanism described above.