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First Installation of Engarde 9.646

If you aready have Engarde 9.5x or 9.6, you can make an update (click on the update menu). In other cases, please follow the information given on this page.

Engarde 9 contains three applications: Engarde.exe for managing competitions, DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste for displays. These applications are signed by ARISTOD. ARISTOD is a company associated to ANPV-log.
The Engarde.exe application contains three modes MINI, BASIC and PRO. The purchase of a licence allows running in the BASIC or PRO mode.

Lire le contrat de licence

Télécharger Engarde 9


If you already have an Engarde9 installed, do not delete it, rename the directory to Engarde9Old 

After the file is downloaded, unzip it where you want to use Engarde.

If you have an Engarde9 already installed:

  • please copy the keys which are in Engarde9Old\Ressources1\Cles in the directory Engarde9\Ressources1\Cles;
  • then copy the competitions you work on from Engarde9Old\Competitions to Engarde9\Competitions;
  • copy your personal formulas from Engarde9Old\SystemeEngarde9\Ressources2\Formules to Engarde9\SystemeEngarde9.646\Ressources2\Formules;

Engarde is now ready to work in the same mode as before.

If you DO NOT have Engarde 9 installed, Engarde is ready to work in MINI mode. The software application is Engarde.exe, it is located in the SystemEngarde9.646 directory

  • If you have just purchased a licence, you have to install it with the "Key | Install a key" menu.
  • In other cases, you can buy online a licence or run the MINI mode

The organization of the directories is the following:
Les répertoires d'Engarde 9
The SystemeEngarde9.646 directory contains applications Engarde, DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste, and also the "Ressources2" directory. It is suggested to create shortcuts of Engarde and DiapoEngarde in the ENGARDE9 directory. It is also possible to create shortcuts in the Start menu of the computer.

The Competitions directory  is used for the storage of competitions. If it is does not exists, it is automatically created when needed.  When a competition is created or opened, the user is placed in this directory. It is possible, however, to store competitions at other places.

In the Ressources1 directory:

  • The Banniere directory is only used by Engarde PRO. Images are created here by the user so that Engarde PRO can put one of them in the header of the documents. For FIE competitions, it is suggested to create a banner with the FIE logo, the logo of the organizer and the logos of the main sponsors.
  • The Cles directory allows storage of the keys which are files automatically installed by Engarde during the purchase of licences for Engarde and DiapoEngarde.
  • The diapomodels directory allows storage of the models of screen for DiapoEngarde,  the scripts and the banners of the transition screen of DiapoEngarde.  
  • The Drapeaux directory contains the flags of the nations. 
  • The models directory allows storage of the models of the documents of Engarde.  

In the Ressources1 directory:

  • The Formule directory contains the formula files.
  • The HTML directory contains style files for HTML files.
  • The Texte directory contains the files of the texts and the helps of Engarde in different languages.