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Installation of Engarde 10

Last version : Engarde 10.11 of September 20, 2018

A lot of new features, see the History of versions.

Read the license contract

Download Engarde 10

If you already have Engarde 10, update it Update

If you already have Engarde 9, keep your Engarde9 directory

Unzip the archive to a location of your choice accessible to all users. You get an ENGARDE10 directory.

Make sure, if possible, that you do not have an ENGARDE10 directory inside another ENGARDE10 directory, by moving the contents of the deeper ENGARDE10 directory to the directory that contains it.

If you already have Engarde 9, copy with Windows, from ENGARDE9 to ENGARDE10:

  • your keys (if you have licenses), they are in the Ressources1\Cles directory, they must be copied to the directory of the same name of ENGARDE10
  • your personal formulas (if you have some), copy them to the ENGARDE10\Ressources1\mesFormules directory by creating this directory if necessary

Engarde 10 is ready for use. You can launch it by double clicking on the Engarde10 application.

Applications are signed with ARISTOD editor. ARISTOD is a partner company of ANPV-log. Engarde10 has three possible ways of functioning: MINI, BASIC and PRO. The purchase of the license allows running in mode BASIC or PRO.

The directory organization is as follows:

The SystemeEngarde10 directory contains 4 applications:

  • Engarde10 for managing competitions
  • Engarde9 to manage competitions if you prefer Engarde9 or if you have not found how to perform an operation with Engarde10
  • DiapoEngarde to display results
  • ShowPiste to display information of the pistes.

It is recommended to create a shortcut for SystemeEngarde10 on the desktop and in the start menu. If you use often Engarde, you can also have it on the task bar.

The Competitions directory is used to store competitions. If it does not exist at the installation, it is created automatically afterwards. When opening or creating a competition, it is saved in this repertoire by Engarde. It is possible, however, to save the competition at another location.

The Ressources1 directory contains:

  • The "Banner" directory is only used by Engarde PRO. We put images that Engarde PRO can place at the top of the documents. In FIE competition, it is advisable to make a banner with the logo of the FIE, that of the organizing club and those of the main sponsors.
  • The "Cles" directory stores keys that are automatically installed when purchasing licenses for Basic or PRO mode.
  • The "diapomodels" directory is used to store the DiapoEngarde screen models, scripts, and banners.
  • The "Drapeaux" directory contains the flags of the nations.
  • The "models" directory is used to store the Engarde document models.
  • The "mesFormules" directory contains the personal formulas.
The SystemeEngarde10\Ressources2 directory contains:
  • The "Formules" directory contains the formula files, in French in the "fr" subdirectory, in English the "en" subdirectory.
  • The "Textes" directory contains Engarde texts and help files in different languages. Up-to-date languages ​​are French, English, Spanish and Italian (Spanish and Italian are often updated a few days after the version changes).
  • The "Manuels" directory contains Engarde user manuals for certain features in English and French.
  • The "HTML" directory contains the HTML style files.

Some functions of Engarde 10 may not work properly on competitions created with old versions of Engarde.
It is better to create new competitions from Engarde 10.

The SystemeEngarde10\Old-applications directory contains the older versions of the applications. You should put these old versions in this directory as you updated the application (see the update manual).