engarde-escrime.com : solutions logicielles pour l'escrime

Use cases

A) Local competitions with less than 40 fencers ad 8 teams

When the entry of fencers is done by hand each time:

B) Regional or national competitions

Fencers generally come from XML or FFF files. There are often several categories at the same time.

C) F.I.E. competitions

For an individual or team competition of the FIE, e.g., a world cup:

If you need help, please contact us



A competition created or modified with any version of Engarde (Mini, Basic or PRO) can be closed then opened and continued with another version (on the same computer or on another computer on which it has been copied, however, Engarde mini is limited to 40 fencers and 8 teams).

A competition can be opened as a normal session with Engarde PRO and can be opened at the same time as an auxiliary session on another computer with Engarde Basic.

To be able to resume a competition in case of a computer failure, do backup on an external USB disk or another computer of the network. If the failure happens, it is possible to resume the last backup with an Engarde software on another computer.